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Dagonat is a Scandinavian fashion brand that utilizes its roots and its inspirational history as the foundation of all design. Those foundations are capturing the mood and core essence of Scandinavia’s simple shapes as well as its stark yet vivacious nature and seasons. We are Scandinavian endless summer days and winter nights in textile form, and we are also all the other unique details this wonderful peninsula embodies.

We are fascinated by and hopelessly attracted to quality, collections are designed and refined down to the smallest detail, with perfect precision, and with said unbeatable precision and the materials we meticulously select as the cornerstone of our operation, our products, in turn, to say so with a precise Scandinavian modesty, become our brand’s beating heart. Our other beating hearts were we to have many, which we do, metaphorically speaking, are sustainability due to our commitment to preserve the planet, and our business. We also vouch for innovation since we always seek to reinvent the game again.