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Harmont & Blaine S.p.A. – an Italian company founded in Naples in 1995 – produces, sells and distributes high-end sports clothing with its signature Dachshund logo, for men, women and children.

Harmont & Blaine has made it our corporate mission to redraw the tenets of smart casual and make them fit the different lifestyles of the modern man. This approach shapes the strategic decisions we take and the collections we create – making our clothes the perfect seal of an exclusive combination of style and colour, while still offering practical comfort to be enjoyed at work and during free time.
Harmont & Blaine devotes much time to preserving the uniqueness and authenticity of our portfolio brands, and strengthening and consolidating brand awareness on the global stage by extending our reach internationally through the penetration of new geographical markets.
Harmont & Blaine has created something indispensable for menswear, earning its place as a trusted companion in the journey through everyday life and men’s pursuit of freedom, indulging their desire to cast off the rigid shackles of classic tailoring.
The common thread running throughout the Harmont & Blaine collections is the exploration of absolute freedom, unconventionality with clear and balanced style, and a connection to the emotional sphere. Our clothes fuse the intensities of nature, the nuances of the sea and the unmistakeable colours of a trip around the beauty of the Mediterranean.