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Etienne Aigner

Näyttää siltä, ettemme löydä etsimääsi.

Etienne Aigner, was born in Hungary to a close-knit Jewish family who taught him the value of education and hard work. As a young man he would make his living as a carpet merchant, a window dresser, and a light bulb salesman. While apprenticing under a well known bookbinder in Paris, Mr. Aigner also learned to make handbags from a colleague in what he described as a “fortuitous accident.”

Today, Etienne Aigner  build on our founder’s heritage, basing many new handbag, shoe, and accessory details on his original work. Enduring hallmarks include the iconic logo, signature hardware, woven leathers, and yes, wicker handbags.

As Aigner celebrate our 60th anniversary, we feel lucky to provide new generations of women with modern accessories that embrace Mr. Aigner’s quintessential legacy of craftsmanship, timelessness, and innovation.